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Yolo County wine grape production started in the early 19th century and by 1930 had surged to 1,342 acres and as of 2011 has jumped to 12,219 acres. In the early days most farm families made their own wines, so it is not surprising that Yolo County continues to be home to a large number of amateur winemakers. Yolo County has three AVA’s, or American Viticultural Areas (also called appellations): Dunnigan Hills in the dry northwest part of the county; Capay Valley in central western Yolo County; and Clarksburg in the county’s San Francisco Bay Delta region. From 2010 to 2012 the number of commercially produced wines in Yolo County has nearly double to 160. In the Capay Valley our very own Seka Hills was recently featured in Appellation America; check out the article at this link: or the recent feature article in the Sacramento Bee:

Tasting Rooms 

Yolo County boosts 17 tasting rooms with clusters located in Clarksburg at the Old Sugar Mill and in the historic downtown of Winters, with other tasting rooms spread out through rural Yolo County. Stay tuned for the newest tasting room opening sometime in August at the brand new Seka Hills Olive Mill.
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Yolo County Wine List

Yolo County produces over 160 quality wines that have won international, state and local awards. A list has been created to help business, individuals and organizations source local wines for events and personal consumption.
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Home Wine Making

Home winemaking is an art practiced by individuals and groups looking to craft their very own quality wines. In 2012 over 20 wines were entered into the Yolo County Fair Amateur Winemaking Competition, including one hand crafted by the Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner using wine grapes sourced from the Dunnigan Hills.
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