CoverSpecCropGuidebookjpgWhat is Yolo County's Farm-to-School Story?

Since the late 1990's, Yolo County has enjoyed a groundswell of Farm to School activities engaging students in all 5 of its school districts. From school garden programs to cafeteria changes to classroom education to Kids Farmers Markets, Yolo County has been a leader in the Farm to School movement. The result of agencies, community groups, government entities, volunteers, and consultants, Yolo County now tells its story in this newly released Specialty Crop Guidebook. By focusing on the seasonal crops which weave together Yolo County's story, readers can learn about how to start or strengthen their own programs.

Filled with ideas on engaging School Food Service, this Guidebook offers a host of inspirational recipes that walk users through the year- season by season, harvest by harvest. The recipes incorporate many different cooking styles or international flavors and are perfect for 4-10 servings. If you want to scale up these recipes to serving sizes of 50-100, we have those available- please  click here

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If you're ready to go a step further and actually purchase product from local farms, we encourage you to visit our Find Farms page to contact a local farmer.

Or, if you're curious about how Food Service Directors in Yolo County incorporate local fruits and vegetables into their menus, we invite you to visit the blog:

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