Terms of Taste for Olive Oil

Positive Attributes

  • Fruity
    • Green fruit
    • Ripe fruit
  • Bitterness: Sensation produced similar to that of coffee, tonic water, and dark chocolate.
  • Pungency: Sensation similar to that of black pepper felt often at the back of the throat.

Negative Attributes

  • Fusty/muddy sediment: Characteristic obtained from olives piled or stored in a manner that advanced stages of anaerobic fermentation have occured, or of oil that has remained in contact with sediment in tanks or bottles producing anaerobic fermentation.
  • Musty-humid: Defect obtained from fruit stored in humid conditions for several days, resulting in the development of mold.
  • Winey-vinegary Acid-sour: Characteristic reminiscent of wine or vinegar. This flavor is mainly due to a process of aerobic fermentation in the olives or in acid-sour olive paste due to the formation of acetic acid, ethyl acetate and ethanol.
  • Rancid: Flavor of oils which have undergone an intense process of oxidation.