Yolo County is graced with a rare combination of fertile soil, access to copious water, and a long growing season which translates into some of the highest quality food and wine in the world. As home to variety of crops, Yolo County is lucky to count processing tomatoes, rice, wine grapes, orchard crops, cereal grains, and many different varieties of fruits and vegetables as top crops farmed on agricultural operations of all sizes.

WIth easy access to the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area regions, Yolo County has served as a primary source of Farm-to-Fork goodness for millions worldwide. This type of bounty is celebrated annually at the Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Capital Festival with a plethora of farm tours and farm activities leading up to the main event. Other big events highlighting Yolo County's cornucopia include the Hoes Down Festival, the Almond Festival and Blossom Trail Tour, the Tomato Festival, events at the Old Sugar Mill, Tour de Cluck, and many others.

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