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What new innovations is Yolo County coming up with next? Let us tell you! To keep up with the most up to date news about the Yolo County region, browse our page for various articles that'll give you some insight as to what Yolo County is all about:



Woodland Receiving Recognition Well Deserved - 

Woodland has many various development projects in store for the future. To see what is being revitalization plans are being implemented, click on the link below:


Woodland's Main Street Gains Momentum - 

Main Street is getting a makeover! Find how what is being revamped by clicking on the article here:


Downtown Woodland Revitalization Has Developers, Businesses Excited for Future -

In utlitizing the historic 1930's builidings, and adding modern booming businesses, Woodland has been making traction and changes on Main Street. Read why they are excited for the upcoming future below:

'Farm to Fork' Chefs tour Yolo County Farms - 

These chefs took a tour of the Yolo County farms to understand where their produce is coming from and how they can incorporate it into their own recipes. Find out their thoughts here:


'Local' is on the Menu for Yolo Chef's Farm Tour - 

 The Farm to Fork movement is making waves and gaining the attention of these chefs! What is the importance of sourcing your food locally? Why are these chefs thinking about changing their way? Read the article below: