Yolo Farm to School Coalition

Since the late 1990's Yolo County has been a leader in the Farm to School Movement. Long before it was popular on a national level, Parents, Teachers, School Food Service, School Administrators, Non-Profits, Governemnt agencies and Community groups have worked together to create a strong 'Farm to School' presence throughout Yolo County. To date, about 23 different entities across Yolo County are involved in some aspect of the Farm to School idea. 

As a concept, Farm to School is defined as a spectrum including School Gardens, Nutrtition Education in the Classroom, Palate Development/Harvest of the Month Taste Testing, School Food Service Procuring from Local Farms, Kids Farmers Markets, Farm Visits, Farm Art activities, Ag in the Classroom and more.

This coalition started with Regular Quarterly Meetings for the purpose of sharing resources, sharing ideas and sucesses, problem solving, partnering on grants and more. The upcoming meetings are scheduled for:

Tuesday October 28th 2014- Norton Hall, 70 Cottonwood St. Woodland

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