johnJohn Young, Yolo County's Agricultural Commissioner, is a firm believer in local food sourcing and is a strong steward of the agricultural resources of Yolo County. Young seeks every opportunity to forward the interests of Yolo County and its diverse communities, while always striving to protect and promote Yolo County’s agriculture for future generations. This harvest hub has been created by Young to promote the diversity of farm production and its value in the county.

Yolo County is home to a large number of organic farms, large traditional farming operations, thriving olive oil and wine industries, seed research and production companies, agricultural processing plants, farmers markets in almost every community, and a major public agricultural research university, the University of California, Davis. The county hosts a diverse ecology, geography, culture and economy – all rooted in a significant agricultural heritage. To read more about the history of Yolo County click here.

Over 85% of the land in Yolo county is used for agriculture. Large-scale farms share the land with a growing number of diversified small farms (e.g. truck farms), as well as thriving livestock operations. All have a need for product distribution and marketing, and the market demand for locally produced food continues to grow. This website seeks to make the connection between farmers and consumers, and for the latter, will function as a ‘buyer’s guide’ for the harvests of Yolo County.

To find out more about the bounty harvested from the fields and farms of Yolo County, click here for the latest crop report.

Nicole Sturzenberger is the acting outreach coordinator for Farm to School Yolo, part of a three year CDFA Specialty Crop Block grant, aimed at increasing local produce procurement in the five Yolo County school districts. Nicole is passionate about local food systems and practical ways to increase fresh produce consumption. She helped start both the UC Davis Olive Center and the UC Davis Olive Oil Sensory Panel. Nicole completed the UC Cooperative Extension Applied Sensory and Consumer Science program and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy.

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