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Harvest Hub Yolo is dedicated to the exquisite agrarian bounty and delicious harvest sourced from local farms. This is your one-stop-shop for the best of Yolo Food & Ag. We invite you to explore new flavors of fresh produce, had-crafted preserves, the finest wines, artisan pressed oils, and so much more. Yolo County is blessed with verdant soils, abundant water, and crop friendly weather making it the destination of choice for people who care about their food. This website shares a wide variety of products and seeks to foster closer relationships between our distinctive farms and the foodies who love them. Please click here for access to our best products.  

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Ready for a tour? We invite you to experience Yolo County Bounty at the source. Dine at our best restaurants here. Savor our finest wines here. Find Farm fresh product here. Your culinary adventure awaits- come hungry.

Upcoming Events

GAP Certification Training & Food Safety Workshop

The Yolo County Department of Agriculture will be hosting two workshops for Yolo County farmers and ranchers in need of Good Agricultural Practice Training and Food Safety Plans.

- Day 1 of the workshop will consist of a training session and an On-farm Mock Audit (lunch will be included). 

- Day 2 of the workshop will consist of drop in hours for open classroom and free FSP Writing Assistance

Two Options to Attend

Workshop Series 1: November 28th & 29th 10AM-2PM Click Here to RSVP

Workshop Series 2: December 6th & 7th 10AM-2PM. Click Here to RSVP



Yolo County has so much to offer and is constantly strives to exeed expectations. What projects are in store for the Yolo County region? To keep up with the latest news, click here.